Achievement: Majid Khan


My name is Majid Khan B. Majahar Ali. Born on the 8th of February, 1989, I have 4 siblings; an elder sister, 2 elder brothers and a younger brother. I was 5 years old when my mother passed away due to breast cancer. My dad drinks heavily, and is never responsible for the family. He passed away due to a heart attack in 2007, just as I entered the first semester of my degree course.

Since 6, I lived in Child Protection Society (CPS), Penang, due to financial problems in my family. When I was 13, CPS was closed due to a financial issue, and I, together with about 13 other boys were sent back home.I was then enrolled in a secondary school in Padang Serai, Kedah; where I completed my Form 5. It was after this that I was opportune enough to find my way into Kamakshi Child Home, from where I completed my Form 6 in the science stream. I will always remember how I was accepted into the Orphanage when I had nowhere else to go.

After completing my STPM (High School Certificate) with great results, I pursued my tertiary education in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), doing adouble degree in Economics and Mathematics.


I love going to school and have always taken my studies very seriously. I have never said to anyone in my life, the words ‘I hate studies’. Many people find me to be a geek, but personally, I find it to be a compliment rather than an insult. I have always aimed high in my education path. It has been my dream since 12 to be a doctor. At that point in time, it was to be a medical doctor. With that goal in mind, I always tried to do my best in school, with the hopes that the hard work will pay off in the end.

Althoughthe course I chose in university diverged greatly from my original ambition, I managed to achieve what my heart always believed I could; I became a doctor. After receiving my degree, I was offered a grant by the universityto pursue my PhD in“Modeling In Seaweed Drying and its Quality Impacts”. Now, I’m doing my second semester in PhD and am aiming to complete it by 2014. I look forward to the day I will be called Dr. Majid so that I can fulfill my father’s dreams.

All my achievements would have been impossible without the support and facilities of Kamakshi Child Home (KCH). Facilities such as fully furnished rooms, computer facilities, references books, food and transport, as well as school and tuition fees – in addition to my daily allowances – helped me concentrate on my studies. What more, even medication was provided whenever I was ill. More importantly, all the staff in KCH were – and still are –always caring and extremely willing to lend a helping hand. The whole institution felt like family to me despite caring for more than 60 children.

In addition, I am extremely indebted to the entire institution for the love and invaluable advice I found here. This motivated me further to face every hurdle in my path to be a doctor. Without this home, it is without doubt that I can never be where I am now.


For the past 10 months, I have published more than 14 articles in regional and international journals and have presented in international conferences. Besides, I was also selected to be one of the fellow researchers in UMS under drying and quality project with the grant code GPRL/DRY-Quality/SMY(1). The total sum of the grant given to me was RM 900, 000.00 for 2 years. This grant covers all my fees, travels, publications, conferences, innovation and accommodation. There are still up to 15 papers to be published for journalsas well as 10 conferences to be attended by the end of this year. Recently, I won the silver trophy in the national Bio-innovation Award.


Prof N.A.Rajab (University of Baghdah-Tehran, Iraq)