Kamakshi Child Home


  • To help the child notwithstanding the physical, mental, and cultural drawbacks he/she faces in the environment
  • To realize his/her inherent potential and grow into mature citizen and lead an independent and socially satisfying life with self pride, self esteem and self confidence


To rehabilitate the children who are socially, culturally, physically, mentally and emotionally handicapped to their maximum ability so that they can contribute to the society in their own way in the following manner.


  • To build families for children in need. Initially to build a (emotional) family environment of  love, compassion and reverence for the children particularly from socio economically less privileged backgrounds
  • To provide social, cultural, and vocational support for them to acquire appropriate skills in these areas to help them to adjust and adapt to the social fabric of society and wherever possible lead an independent self-supporting life with self respect and self confidence
  • To help them shape their own future through education and inculcation of spiritual and ethical values
  • To have a share in the development of their communities in the later stage by helping the child to contribute, share and participate in the development of their communities in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty and broken families in the society


  • To provide shelter for 135 underprivileged and disabled children of all races
  • To provide the residential children not only the basic necessities such as food and shelter but also to be schooled in cultural, spiritual and social values
  • To groom the residential children into well rounded citizens
  • To provide day-care and educational facilities to the residential children
  • To provide Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy to cater for the growing number of children with disabilities