Toy Library & Resource Centre

The Toy Library consist of of a variety of readymade and custom made toy furniture and fittings including child size toy playground equipments.

It’s primarily aimed at assisting the Play Therapy programme to rehabilitate depressed, traumatised, aggressive and both physically and mentally abused children. The playing process helps to develop a child’s personality, talents and physical , mental abilities to their fullest potential.


The library and resource centre ensures accessibility of affordable childhood care, development services, and products to rural and urban poor communities. It also encourages interactive play for children at risk, children with special needs from underprivileged communities. It facilitates multiracial interactions and aims to empower communities through trainng of parents, teachers, and volunteers to lead the project.

Schools with children with disabilities from Lunas are also making use of the library and the centre with the children being accompanied by their teachers who supervise and guide them through the playing and learning process. The special educators also utilises the library to aid their teaching assessments, and evaluations of the special children.